Keep These Five Things in Mind to Care of a Newborn Baby in Winter Season

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Care of new born children is not easy. Since the temperature of the atmosphere is very low in the winter season, therefore they need special care during this season. During this time some negligence in the health of the children may prove to be harmful for them. Often working women and working women have problems in looking after their baby, they are fretting. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to take care of the baby properly in winter, so that neither the baby has any problem nor you.

When do you breastfeed

The child should breastfeed only for 6 months of birth. This is a great way to get your child to snooze when you take care of yourself in your lap. For 3-4 months of beginning, the child can not make a difference in day and night, so child should breastfeed in equal amount of time during both day and night. Do not breastfeed when the child is asleep. When the child’s stomach becomes empty, he will wake himself from sleep;

Do baby massage

Massage is very important for children, massage the kids. But remember when choosing oil during massage. Do not use too much aromatic oils, because some fragrances can cause skin allergy or itching. Do not massage the children up to 1 year with mustard oil. The most comfortable condition for the baby is that you sit your feet straight and sit. Then put the infant between the two legs and put a small pillow under head and massage with light hands. Always start with his feet During this, you should also exercise his hands and feet by twisting his hands and feet. Then massage her stomach and chest. After this, massage the back and waist by placing the back of the abdomen, and finally massage the head.

Do not let the child feel cold

To maintain the normal temperature of the newborn body, it is necessary to wrap it with cloth, besides the shocking shocks to the child also, wrap them in order to save them. Before wrapping the baby, check that the baby is not hungry or wet. Make sure that you do not cover his face or head, because it can cause breathing difficult and its body temperature can be higher than normal. If you wrap your baby, it will usually not need a blanket or sheet above it.

Do not get angry 

The newborn baby roams only with your communication. He does not understand enough to recognize the preference of his needs. Therefore, whenever she dislikes anything, she refuses to cry only after crying. The cry of the baby is the biggest problem for a new mother. Usually, when he dislikes the appetite, the wet nappy, the appearance of a new face or listening to a new voice and being lifted up by elders, he cries out his opposition. Sometimes babies cry because of fatigue. If your child starts crying after waking up with a night of deep sleep, first of all, check his nappy that he is not crying because of wetness. These are some of the common symptoms that you can easily understand by knowing what your child is crying for.

The right way to tinkle a baby

After massage, the infant should be bathed all the time. Do not take baths with lukewarm water in the winter season and do not take baths at least 2-3 times a week. This makes him feel very relaxed and sleeps well. Before bathing the baby, start preparing all necessary accessories related to her baths like baby soap, shampoo, towel, baby clothes, and bathtub, and then start bathing. Regardless of any weather, the child should use light lukewarm water to take bath.

While bathing, it should be especially careful to avoid water in his eyes, nose or ears. For this, the infant should walk through the reversal on the left hand. While bathing, special care should be taken to clean the underarm arms, neck and private pets, because rhesus may be due to accumulated sweating in such places. Special care should be taken while cleaning his ears and nose. The outer part of the ear of the soft cotton cloth should be. Once a week, wash the baby’s head with a good baby shampoo. Keep in mind that during this time, water cannot be seen in his eyes. Wear her head with a dry towel immediately after bathing, or it may be cold.

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