The Risk Of Cancer May Be Due To Eating Fish

Eating Fish Cause Cancer

Fish are very nutritious and delicious so people eat it. Fish contain many antioxidants and nutrients, which are not found in other foods. But if you also eat fish due to being nutritious, then be assured. Recently some samples of fish have been found, which can cause you cancer by eating. The reason for this is that fatality of feral, cadmium and formaldehyde (hazardous chemicals) is found in these fish. This is used to preserve the fishes so that the fishes keep fresh for last long.

Eaten formalin used fish is dangerous

If you also buy fish from the market and eating it then you should be careful. Many harmful chemicals are used on this to save the fish from getting spoiled for long periods of time, due to which you are prone to cancer and kidney diseases. Apart from eating fertile fish, eating bacterial infection is also at risk.

Samples sent for investigation

The government had received such information that fish imported from Andhra is being used in large quantities of firmlines, which is at risk of cancer. To confirm this, in October, a sample of fish from 10 locations was sent to a lab in Kolkata. The government has now received sampled inquiry reports, which is being studied by the Department of Animal Husbandry. According to sources, news has found that firmlines have been confirmed in the report.

BAN may seem in Bihar

After confirmation of Firmalin, fish can be banned in Bihar. Let us tell you that 50-60 thousand tonnes of fish every year comes from Bihar, most of which comes from Andhra Pradesh. There is a stir after the report comes to the Health Department. Not only in Bihar, fertile fishes are also used in large quantities in other states. Therefore, avoid buying preserved fish.

These fishes increase the risk of diabetes

According to a study, toxic substances found in fish (toxin) increases the risk of diabetes. Found in small fish Dichloro Diphenyldichloro Ethylene increases the risk of chemical diabetes. When big fish eat small fish, then this chemical enters inside them. This study also showed that eating small fish does not increase the risk of diabetes because it is found in small amounts of toxins in small fish compared to large fishes

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