These 7 Foods Increase The Sperm Quality And Quantity In Men


It is believed that the reproductive capacity of men depends on the quality of sperm. The number of sperms in a sample of sperm is called a sperm count. A healthy sperm of a healthy person contains 1.5 million to 20 million sperms. Men’s sperm quality has dropped significantly in the past few years. This is due to people’s lifestyle and eating habits. There are some foods that are known to increase the quality of the sperm in men. Let’s tell you which foods that diet can increase your fertility.

Eat Fennel

Fennel is said to be very beneficial for men in Ayurveda. The fennel extracts have been used to increase the quality and number of sperm from the old time. Include fennel in your diet. After eating 1 teaspoon fennel can be beneficial to you. By eating it, your food is well digested and the sperm also increases. Apart from this, you sleep asleep while eating a spoon of fennel while sleeping in the night. Fennel also makes metabolism better.

Eat Carrots

Carrot is very beneficial to increase the fertility of men. Researchers from the Harvard University researched that the ingredient in carrot helps in increasing the men’s fertility. According to research, which not only increases the number of sperms but also increases the quality of it. It was also stated in this research that all orange and yellow vegetables have this quality.

Ashwagandha’s Root is Amazing

Ashwagandha is considered to be a panacea for sexual weakness. By grinding the roots of Ashwagandha, you can make powder or buy ashwagandha powder found in the market. The use of Ashwagandha not only increases the number of sperm but it also increases its quality. Ashwagandha is very beneficial to remove infertility not only in men but also in men.

Omega-3 in Linseed and Fish

Omega-3 found in salmon and beans seeds are helpful in increasing fertility. The omega-3 fatty acids are the most commonly found in fish oil, so you can also add them to your diet. These nutrients do not get from vegetarian diets. If you can not eat fish, then eat supplements of fish oil.

Eat These Foods for Multi-Vitamins

Men need a multivitamin to increase fertility. Nutrients like folic acid, vitamin 12 and selenium increase fertility. These vitamins can meet you with a variety of diets. Therefore, include a multivitamin in your daily diet. You can supply multivitamins by consuming milk, curd, pulses, eggs, chicken, almonds, cashew nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

These Vegetables Must Meet The Antioxidants

The diet that raises the fertility capacity includes antioxidants. Antioxidants such as glutathione and cryptosnithine increase the power of reproduction. Foods that should be consumed which are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in most green vegetables, tomatoes, green chilies, colorful vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, mushroom etc., and oranges. Therefore, consume more of these diets.

Vitamin D is Important

Vitamin D is very important for bones, consuming vitamin D strengthens the bones, and these vitamins also increase the number of sperm in men. This vitamin increases the sex hormone level of progesterone and estrogen, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy. The best source of vitamin D is the light of the sun, therefore, in a little bit of sunshine every day, pass the sun. Apart from this, eggs, dairy products, chicken, fish are the major sources of vitamin D.

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