Top 5 Benefits Of Pool Heat Pumps

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Still trying to figure out which pool heating system to finally choose?

There is a reason that Pool heat pumps heaters enjoy tremendous popularity among customers. These help you achieve more consistent temperatures for your swimming pool while also being a very cost-effective alternative to gas or solar pool heating.


By investing in an energy-efficient heat pump you can significantly reduce the energy costs towards maintaining your pool. Although heat pumps have a high upfront cost, they have very low operating expenses. This significantly helps you cut down on your electricity bills and yet have a comfortable swimming pool. Choosing a more energy-efficient product helps you save energy and money. Come to think of it! When you analyse over a long-term period – heat pump swimming pool heaters are way too cheaper compared to a gas or solar heating system. So if you’re looking to have a great time swimming in your pool without breaking the bank, look no further than a pool heat pump. However, choosing the right sized heat pump is critical to get the benefits of its efficiency.


Pool heat pumps use ambient air to heat pool water. It pulls in heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the pool water. Moreover, it produces far more energy than it consumes to heat the pool water and since it does not use either electricity or gas to heat water, the cost of energy consumption is very low. Most air-sourced heat pumps have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 5-7, meaning thereby that for every unit of energy your pool heat pump consumes, Heat Pump produce it actually produces 5 – 7 units in return. This translates into an efficiency of 500% – 700%. Simply put, the higher the pool heater’s COP, the more energy it converts to heat and the less you have to pay to heat the water.

What is important though is proper installation and maintenance of your heat pump pool heater to optimize its efficiency. Therefore you need professional pool experts like Thermopools faster Heating

While gas pool heater is best preferred when you want to instantly heat your pool, heat pumps too are comparatively quicker than solar pool heating. In context of the size of pool heat pump, ideally, you must always opt for a larger pool heater than what would be sufficient for your pool. The reason is that they are faster and more convenient.


Heat pump pool heaters cost less to operate and last longer. With regular proper maintenance, your pool heaters can easily last 10 years or more. Moreover, unlike the conventional pool heating systems, these are eco-friendly and assure an extended swimming season. Thus, not only can you extend the swimming season, you can save money on running expenses, utility and repairs. However, yet again, the choice of pool pump heater is a major determining factor.


They are environment-friendly and result in less emission of greenhouse gases. Modern heat pump swimming pool heaters have replaced R-22 refrigerant with the ozone-friendly R410a to minimise carbon emission. Moreover, the durable corrosion resistant parts help prolong the life of the heat pump.


Benefits of a pool heat pump include the ability to easily and quickly warm your pool at a lower cost. Theses energy-efficient, eco-friendly pool heating system is hand down a great choice for your pool. Looking for best quality, quietest and most cost-effective swimming pool heater, Call the experts at Thermopools – leaders in pool heating for a free quote today!

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