What is 5G and When Will It Come to India?

5G Wireless Network Technology

Currently, 4G networks have come to India, but work on the 5G network in the world has started rapidly. Although in 2020 there is a plan to bring 5G network across the world, but China has also started its trial ahead of the exit.

What is the 5G network? How will the world get after 5G network? Let’s know.

What is the 5G network?

For us, this will be an ultra-speed network with speed up to 20 gigabytes per second. After touching on mobile, thousands of seconds of a second i.e. the webpage will open in less than a millisecond or the video will start playing. The entire movie will be downloaded on 5G network in five to six seconds.

That is, running the mobile Internet on the 5G network will make our world much faster than it is today. But this speed is not so easy to come. There are obstacles in the way of running the 5G service, due to which the preparations are going on.

Development of Powerful Techniques for Processing

The latency of this ultraspeed network 5G is very low. After touch or click, the time it takes to send and download a data request is called latency.

That is, data will be processed in a very short time and this will require a lot of processor power. Additionally, 5G networks have to create mobile devices too.

Intelligent Network for Fast Speed

4G was developed due to the need to watch the video while 5G is being developed due to the many needs of people connected to the Internet.

An intelligent network will be built for 5G so that it can fulfill the demands of the user in any location in less than a millisecond. This is not possible in the 4G network.

The 5G internet will be like a self-driving car in a way that will give solutions to users searching for resources themselves.

Base station on drones and balloons for 5G

The principle of 5G – everything for the Internet and the Internet everywhere. To achieve this revolution of connectivity, drones and balloons may be used for base stations delivering 5G signal.

Building the Connected World

5G will build a connected world that will give all kinds of information. At present, the world’s 15 billion devices are connected to each other. By the end of 2020, 5G plans to connect at least 50 billion devices across the world so that all kinds of information can be reached to the public.

Countries, governments and companies must come together

5G network service is not a matter of domination of any one company. For this, governments, companies and service providers from around the world have to work together. The 5G network will succeed only if it has access to many kinds of information about people and countries around the world.

Challenge to start 5G service on Universal Standard

The United Nations International Telecommunication Union hopes that from 2020, 5G services will be started according to the Global Standard.

Between the leaders of telecom companies around the world, it has been agreed that there is benefit in the services of 5G by making a uniform standard.

5G is still far away for India

Internet network is not working properly for 4G services in India, so here it may take time to get 5G. But in countries such as South Korea and Japan, the network of 4G is very strong, so it will be easy to bring 5G there. China has also started its trial.

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