What You Should Consider While Planning Funeral Catering?

Funeral Catering In Red Deer

Funerals are meant to pay respects and honor the memory of the deceased. Anything that is extravagant does not go well with the theme or purpose of the occasion. Everything involving a funeral reception should have a simple tone and a comfort factor. The food served at a wake or funeral is for the people who have come to pay their respects. They are not expecting a grand spread. The food is just etiquette and an acknowledgment for their gesture.  That’s why hiring funeral catering in Red Deer is not the same as any other occasion.


With the host family still recovering from their loss, it is best to hire a catering service. The grieving members are hardly in a state to attend to the guests, let alone arrange the food. A professional catering service takes care of it all.

The food served at a wake should be simple and easy to eat. It is best to stick to regular dishes that one makes at home. People mostly stick to foods that represent their culture and traditions. An experienced caterer will know what to serve at such an occasion. The catering company can take a huge load off your shoulder. It is not a place or event to show off the palate and they know it well.


Before hiring a catering service for a funeral, there are a few things to consider, such as:


The location is always important when hiring a caterer no matter what the occasion is. If it is a church, they will have a kitchen. It allows the caterer to prepare the food or at least give the final touches to the dishes on site. If you are planning it at a funeral parlor or at home then the caterer will have to supply prepared food. In that case, the catering service takes the necessary steps to keep the food warm. Since we are talking about the location, it is best to hire a local caterer. It makes the delivery of food easy.


The number of people attending the funeral reception will decide what kind of food you will serve. You can discuss that accordingly with the caterer you hire. If you have many people attending, then stick to dishes that can be prepared in large quantity. You also need the dishes to remain fresh longer so think about that part too. Catering to a small group of attendees obviously presents more food options.


Though it is not an occasion to splurge, you still need a basic budget to book the caterer. It is best to come up with an initial budget. Later on, you can just sit down with the caterer, go over the details and finalize the amount. You can even ask your caterer for a quote.

So, location, number of attendees and the budget are the three important things to keep in mind while hiring funeral catering in Red Deer. Keeping it simple is the best way to serve at a wake.

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