World AIDS Day These 5 Things You Should Know About This Disease

World Aids Day

There is no disease in AIDS itself. But the HIV positive person’s body loses its natural resistance to infectious diseases, which are caused by bacteria and viruses. This happens because the HIV resists the blood and attacks the lymphocytes. These days, we need more awareness about health. These days most people are forced to live the life of the race, due to which they can not pay attention to the health. Regularly conducting a health check-up is an important task. Some such diseases affect us, and we do not even have a chance to get it. Everyone knows that AIDS is a deadly disease. Let’s know the important things about AIDS-

Signs of AIDS

With the reduction of the immune system in AIDS sufferers’ body, diseases from common cold to tuberculosis are very easy and it becomes difficult to treat them. It is not known in the early stages of AIDS and the person is late in getting treatment. That is why it is important to know about its early symptoms. Symptoms of frequent fever, weeks of a cough, weight loss, loss of mouth, lack of appetite, frequent diarrhea, swelling of the throat, pain on the skin and itching of scabies, sweating during sleep have to come.

What Causes AIDS?

AIDS H.V. Positive pregnant woman is from her child, using unsafe sex and using infected blood or infected needles. To avoid this, must take cautionary precautions.

HIV Infection Means No Aids

If a person is infected with HIV then he does not necessarily have AIDS. Most people infected with HIV can follow normal medical conditions and live a normal life. This does not mean that all HIV-infected people do not have AIDS. An HIV-infected person may have AIDS but not necessarily people suffering from AIDS are infected with HIV.

HIV Transmits, Not Aids

HIV can transmit from one person to another, but not AIDS. While many people say, “Don’t vote for me”. Intercourse, infected blood and injection have HIV transmitted and not AIDS.

How to Avoid AIDS

AIDS is a deadly disease. According to statistics, HIV infection is increasing rapidly among the youth. The rate of infection in women is increasing rapidly. Avoid unsafe relationships, do not use old needles, do not use infected blood. Information about AIDS is the best way to avoid it.

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